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Instant loan for business up to €100.000,00

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The good news is that many products work online, like the Puls Project. You can connect your bank account or PayPal and get a response within 24 hours, which is great for startups like us.
Jens Niehaus
Jens Niehaus

co-founder of mykraut GmbH from Cologne

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Meet Ben. He is our client and a small producer of organic lemonades

He succeeded in winning an order to supply 100,000 bottles of lemonade to a large supermarket chain. This order was a great achievement for his company.

He calculated the production costs and it turned out that he could not afford to produce 100,000 bottles of lemonade

He needed to raise extra money quickly to get the job. Of course, there is always the option of applying to a bank for a loan, but that could take months and he could end up being turned down.

With Puls Ben got money in his account within 24 hours

All he had to do was to connect his bank account to Puls, get a credit limit and apply for the required amount - all in one day. Apart from the loan agreement, there was no other paperwork.

Ben was granted the loan and now sells his lemonades at a large supermarket chain.

Finding financing as a startup is particularly difficult because banks usually want to see positive figures and business reports. Especially in the early days (one or two years), you may not be able to show them.

For us, Puls was a great opportunity to make up for a liquidity shortage. The application and review of the loan was really very fast and extremely uncomplicated compared to bank loans.
Kim-Christin Blecker
Kim-Christin Blecker
Veronika Blecker
Veronika Blecker

co-founders of Der kleine Gourmet GmbH

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“We give a 9 out of 10 as a recommendation. The application and processing was super uncomplicated and fast”
Der kleine Gourmet GmbH
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Then you connect your business account and receive a credit limit within 24 hours. You can dispose of the credit amount the very next day. The connection of your bank account is done by the third-party provider FinApi and is fast and secure.Read an article about us from FinApi's perspective.

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