Perfect tool for small and medium businesses

Liquidity management means quick access to financing

Manage your cash flow in real-time, and get up to €100,000 financing

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What does the product include?

Cash flow management

Enter any planned income or expense, and the system will immediately show how the balances will change for any day in the future


Multi-entity support

Fast and flexible funding

We always show an available line of credit

You will receive the funds within two hours of requesting the loan

Who is this service for?

Solo traders should contact us for more information.

For business owners with any legal form registered in the commercial register.

Clients about us

“The good news is that many products work online, like the Puls Project. You can connect your bank account or PayPal and get a response within 24 hours, which is great for startups like us.”
Jens Niehaus

Jens Niehaus

co-founder of mykraut GmbH from Cologne
“Finding financing as a startup is particularly difficult because banks usually want to see positive figures and business reports. Especially in the early days (one or two years), you may not be able to show them.

For us, Puls was a great opportunity to make up for a liquidity shortage. The application and review of the loan was really very fast and extremely uncomplicated compared to bank loans.”
Veronika Blecker

Veronika Blecker

“Puls is ideal for bridging short-term liquidity gaps. The streamlined nature of the process is the clear advantage over the house bank. Liquidity planning also helps to prepare for upcoming expenses.”
Markus Berl

Markus Berl

founder of Berl-IT GmbH
“Puls helps us to keep an eye on the company's liquidity at all times. Bottlenecks are immediately apparent and we can quickly and unbureaucratically compensate these bottlenecks with the financing limit provided.”
Brian Utting

Brian Utting

founder of R+U Hausbau GmbH

How our customers use our service

Manage your finances in Puls, and always have access to instant funding up to €100,000

Simply register and connect your bank account


What the press says about us

We believe that a wealthy small and medium business is the foundation of a healthy economy and a good quality of human life.

We want to change the ways small businesses access financing by changing the conventional thinking within the banking industry.


We are here to help

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