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With Puls you can bring together all the financial flows of your company in one secure place without hiring a special employee or maintaining complex Excel spreadsheets

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The security program at Puls protects
your data at every layer

GDPR Compliant

Puls is GDPR compliant and your data is protected under EU law. Your data is completely owned by you; meaning you can export, edit or delete your data at any given time.

BaFin-approved protocol

We connect to banks through Open Banking APIs, government-backed initiative that puts you in control of your financial data. You never have to share your credentials with a third party.

Enhanced security

The log in process to connect your accounts is handled by your bank At every log in, a 2FA is triggered. Your data is encrypted and not available to anyone.


Which financial institution is behind the loans?
How can I connect my bank account?
Who has access to my financial data?
What happens to my data after I delete my account?
Can I delete my Puls account?
Welches Finanzinstitut steht hinter den Krediten?
Wie kann ich mein Bankkonto verbinden?
Wer hat Zugriff auf meine Finanzdaten?
Welche Tarife sind verfügbar?
Kann ich mein Puls-Konto löschen?
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