Have money.
Where you need it.
When you need it.
Build the solid foundation of your company’s finances. Brick by brick.
And close the gaps with Puls.
Our team develops and programs in Germany.
Our servers are protected and hosted in the European Union.
Puls is fully encrypted, and built on a zero-trust security model.
Certified by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control as being eligible for investors.
You Dashboard
This is smart liquidity.
Start controlling
your business now.
Future & Flexibility
Liquidity Management
The foundation of your business.

Doing business means making money. Start to manage all past and future transactions in one calendar view. 

Get instant insight on the movement of your money. Understand your actual cash flow.

Control account activity and make sure you have money at the right time.

Control and connect
One Single View.
Build the walls of your operation. 

Connect all your business accounts into one place & have real time information, always.

Register and connect, it's that simple. Logged in securely, the password safely stored, see all your money in one place. 

All of your bank accounts in one dashboard. No need to switch anymore.

Save time & Money
Plan your transactions.
Move items around as needed. 

Input your future transactions into the calendar view to allocate & move money.
Plan your transactions.

Stay focused by accurate forecasting and budgeting with real time information.

Take care of what is really important: Your clients and revenue!

Connect any bank account
from over 3000 banks
You can do it by yourself!
Manage Your Money

See your cash balance: past, present and future.
Move money in between accountsinstantly and in real time.
Create excess money & reinvest in your business.
Remember all payments, never pay late fees again.
Simply add all payments to the Planner and don’t forget them.
Analyse different scenarios in cash flow when moving planned payment along timeline.
Grow Your Business
See your liquidity gaps with our forecasting element.
See your liquidity gaps with our forecasting element.
Actively close liquidity gaps by moving money in real time.
Check your projections in the Planner, in one place with real time information.
Make decisions to spend money based on actual data.
Test all possibilities how to grow your business.
Your safety with Open Banking
The security of your data is our highest priority. All data is encrypted and not available to anyone, not even for us.

Puls connects your accounts through Open Banking — Europe initiative launched in June 2017 with the aim of fostering innovation.
It is your turn now.
Made for business owners.
Not finance experts.
Make business now and know where your money is. 
Decide instantly and act upon it right away. 
Power of knowledge: Always have real time information.
Always Online
Reach us 24/7 and speak to us. We are happy to help.
The team is fully based in Germany, direct contact to real people.
If you forget, we remember. We are here for you.
Easy to use
Register, Connect, Use. It is that intuitive. 
No special knowledge needed about liquidity needed. 
You know it all already, it is your money. 
Security & 
Puls  is protected by the most advanced authentication mechanism and has no access to your online banking credentials. They are encrypted at least twice, using SSL.
Your data is encrypted and stored in a data center in Germany to the highest safety standards (ISO 27001).
You can disconnect your bank account or revoke your GDPR consent to transmit and access data at any time from Puls.
You alone decide what happens with your data. We will support you and protect your data. You can delete all your data with one click “Delete”.