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Die Liquidität des Unternehmens

Pulsproject hilft uns dabei, die Liquidität des Unternehmens stets im Blick zu behalten. Dabei werden Engpässe sofort ersichtlich und wir können schnell und unbürokratisch durch das zur Verfügung gestellte Finanzierungslimit dies Engpässe ausgleichen.

Your data is safe with us

Amazon Aurora encrypted DB clusters use the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt your data on the server that hosts your Amazon Aurora DB clusters.

Our Certified Partners

The GDPR-compliant service providers that will be linking your bank accounts to our system are finAPI and finleapConnect.


We use the TLS (Transport Layer Security) standard which uses encryption to ensure the security of data and information in transit.

Your bank account will be connected through our regulated partner FinApi GmbH.

Through this process, it is ensured that Puls.

1. The available credit limit does not create an obligation to take out the credit. Borrowing is voluntary.
2. The connection to Your Bank is pure read-only access.
3. You can always remove your bank account from Puls.

How Puls finances loans

The loans are issued by our fund (Montold SME Lending Fund GmbH & Co. KG), recently registered with BaFin (ID 70162347) and managed by Montold Asset Management GmbH (Bafin ID 10156973), with Puls acting as loan broker (§ 34C GeWo).

No banks or other third parties are involved in the decision making process. Therefore, we can grant loans quickly and without documents to be submitted, based on the cash flow data of your business accounts linked to Puls.

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