We want to give simple access to financing  for small businesses

Puls foundersPuls founders
Starting a business at 40+ for us wasn’t just about making money. We wanted to use our experience to create something really useful.

We aimed to build product that would benefit other entrepreneurs like ourselves.
Yulia Yaroslavtseva, Stas Surikov, Dmitry Yurtsvayg – Co-Founders @ Puls

Our Story


Puls is founded in Berlin, Germany by Yulia Yaroslavtseva, Stas Surikov, and Dmitry Yurtsvayg after they saw how SME don’t get the quick acecss to finances and don’t have any treasury solutions.

They created company after Open Banking was implemented In September 2019.


In September, the first version of Puls was released as a beta version, with 30 business owners testing the product and giving feedback.

The team uses this feedback to evolve the solution, and the first version of Puls is released in January. Create a regulated fund and management company to provide loans from private Fund.

This year Puls raised €1,875 mln.


After another year of product development, the first loans were launched in November 2021. The team grew to 18 professionals, and the customer base grew by 100%.


This year Puls got 2.500 customers that already trust Puls. Puls improved the product and increased the speed of loans to 48 hours and became the fastest in the market.
To accelerate growth, Puls had raised €2,89 million this year.


This year has been a year of significant growth in customer base grew up to 9500 customers.

Our Cash Flow Planner has undergone significant updates and now offers powerful functionality to help German SMEs make the right business decisions.

The loan origination process has become more streamlined and faster by automating many processes.

Our Founders

Puls was founded by an accomplished team of fintech professionals led by our three managing directors: Yulia Yaroslavtseva, Stas Surikov, and Dmitry Yurtsvayg.

Thanks to their 25 years of experience in the financial sector in a corporation, they know what it takes to transform B2B financing and lead a successful team.

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