Easily send payments

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Payments in Puls

Pay your planned expenses
directly from the app

Connect your bank account

Puls connects to every major bank in Germany. Connect multiple accounts
and send payments from a single app

Add upcoming expenses to the app

Use our built-in financial planning tool to add expenses for the future.

Pay your taxes, salaries and suppliers

Pay planned expenses from the app and immediately see how the balance
is recalculated. No manual formulas.


How can I connect my bank account?
Who has access to my financial data?
Can I delete my Puls account?
What happens to my financial data?
Welches Finanzinstitut steht hinter den Krediten?
Wie wird mein Kreditlimit ermittelt?
Was macht die Finanzierung anders?
Wie wird die Schufa beeinflusst?
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