Loan for business from at least 48 hours

  1. Sign up in Puls and connect your business bank account to the system
  2. Wait at least 48 hours to get your credit limit
  3. Take the loan right away
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Your credit limit is based on a group level

When you connect your business bank account, our system automatically calculates your maximum credit limit in at least 48 hours.

max loan amount
12 month
max loan period

These loans are for all companies registered in the Commercial register

Loan calculator

Tailor your loan to your exact needs by selecting your desired loan amount and loan period

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Get the highest limit by connecting all your bank accounts from all your companies

The more information you give, the better we can calculate your credit limit

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Do I have to use my credit limit?

No, you can just check and use it when needed. There are no costs involved. Our credit limit does not affect your creditworthiness with banks or agencies like Schufa, Creditreform, etc.

Puls will not require any other documents from you to grant you a loan except for signing the loan agreement and the personal identification of the beneficial owners and directors, as required by law (GwG).

Loan process in 3 steps

Apply for a loan

Decide how much you want to borrow and for how long. Apply for it.

Sign the contract

Identify yourself and sign the contract with Puls

Get the money

Money will be transferred to your bank account right after you sign the contract

Keep your finger on Puls

Download our app to get notifications about your income and when you need to pay your loan installment

Financing is just one of our useful features

Check how multi-banking can help your business and start to plan your finances to always know your balances for every day in the future.

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What is the source of money?

The loans are issued by our fund (Montold SME Lending Fund GmbH & Co. KG), recently registered with BaFin (ID 70162347) and managed by Montold Asset Management GmbH (Bafin ID 10156973), with Puls acting as loan broker (§ 34C GeWo). This fund addresses investors in Germany who are professional or semi-professional investors as

defined in the German Capital Investment Act (KAGB). No banks or other third parties are involved in the decision-making process. Therefore, we can grant loans quickly and without documents to be submitted based on the cash flow data of your business accounts linked to Puls.