4 Feb
1 min

To earn a lot, you have to sell a lot

To earn a lot, you have to sell a lot. Most manufacturers know this very well. A small production of fine lemonades got the order to deliver 100,000 pieces to a big supermarket chain in a test phase.

Our client Ben is a small producer of organic lemonades. He managed to get an order to supply 100,000 bottles of lemonade to a large supermarket chain. This order was a huge success for his business. 

Ben calculated production costs: lemons, sugar, bottles, packaging, salaries, etc. It turned out that he could not afford to produce 100,000 bottles of lemonade.

He needed to find extra money quickly to win the contract. Of course, there is always the option of applying to a bank for a loan, but it could take months, and he could end up getting rejected.

With Puls, Ben got money into his account within 24 hours. All he had to do was connect his bank account to Puls, get a credit limit and send a request for the required amount, all in one day. With no paperwork other than the loan agreement. 

Ben won the contract and now sells his lemonades at a major supermarket chain.

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