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“For me, Puls is an incredible company. A company that makes it easy to raise liquidity. Here, I can create liquidity at short notice and without a long waiting period.

We have two lines of business: firstly, we are a property developers with the company Max Simon GmbH, and we also have an online store. In both companies it happens that liquidity is needed quickly. In a regular bank, this would take weeks. With the project Puls it goes within two days. Including everything. That means the money is there within two days. I can only advise everyone to sign up and try it out. Then you will see exactly what I mean.”
Vitali Braun
Vitali Braun

Founder of Rifonta GmbH and MaxximmoM GmbH

Benefit from early payment of subcontractors

Our client Steve is the owner of a construction company. He uses short-term credit from Puls to get an early payment discount from his subcontractors.

Subcontractors experience long and unpredictable gaps between invoicing and payment. While they wait for payment, they still have to pay for materials, labor and other project costs. That's why they offer discounts to their contractors.

A customary discount means that the contractor receives a 3% discount if the invoice is paid within the first 10 days.

For Steve, this means an attractive return on invested capital. He no longer has to take money out of the business to pay his bills early.

“There were a few hurdles at the beginning, but it now works really well. Puls is fast, clear and very, very customer-friendly. I have no complaints. Very quick and speedy, customer-friendly and really super. That's above average. If I now say I need the money, it's super fast. It's checked and then it's also mostly in.., I think 24 hours it's through.”
Christine Zapodeanu
Christine Zapodeanu

Founder of grau zu grün GmbH

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Real Estate

Heating system

Solar system


“There were a few stumbling blocks at the beginning, but it works really well. Puls is fast, clear and very, very customer-friendly.”
grau zu grün GmbH
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Amazon Aurora encrypted DB clusters use the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt your data on the server that hosts your Amazon Aurora DB clusters.

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The GDPR-compliant service provider that will be linking your bank accounts to our system is finAPI.

Transport layer security

Transport Layer Security

We use the TLS (Transport Layer Security) standard which uses encryption to ensure the security of data and information in transit.

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